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The Mini Baby Tutorial

Using Secrist Authentic Reborn Gentle Touch Heat Set Paints

By Linda Stewart

I have put together this tutorial in order to show the basic painting techniques used with Secrist Gentle Touch Paints. These paints do not  require thinning, just a gentle stir before use. I used a mini-baby because quite a few people seem to be wary of them as they are so small, but the techniques used are the same and they come complete with body and a set of clothes. Anyway, enough from  me lets get to work!



Missy is the Mini-Baby I shall be using. After washing and drying  I always wipe the vinyl parts with an alcohol swab to further remove any oil residue.
A cosmetic wedge cut in half, this is ideal for small mini babies. Using a brush to load a cosmetic wedge with Gentle Touch Flesh 08
Using pouncing technique to apply paint to the head. A  brush is great for getting into those tiny creases.
I like a heat gun to set the paint. The flesh tones are complete
Using Pthalo Blue & Pthalo Green mixed  for 'veining'- combine well Always remove any excess paint, I find sheets of kitchen towel ideal for this.
Lightly paint on your veins using your finest brush & gently blot with a clean cosmetic sponge - we want very faint lines. Again, using the heat gun to set, once we are happy!
We are now ready to add our blusher and blemishes etc. I like to use small amounts of Pyrrole Red 02 & Burnt Umber . Load a piece of  Natural Sea Sponge with paint using a brush.
Remove any excess.... and lightly add to cheeks and chin areas.


I then use the cosmetic foam wedge to 'soften' the paint.  Heat set.

Now onto the next step

I  add  flesh 07 to help blend the colours...

this softens the darker red and gives a more skin like texture. Heat Set.

I am going to add a little blusher now. Using the same mix of Pyrrol Red 02 and Burnt Umber, use a brush and load a cosmetic wedge with paint
Blot excess onto kitchen towel and add to cheeks, chin, top and lobes of ears, temples and nose etc. Heat Set. The layers are now building up.


Now for those creases & wrinkles, using the same colours as before Take your finest brush. Don't forget to remove the excess paint.
Get right in to the creases.... do a couple at a time.
Then use a dry brush to blend in the paint...  A light feathering action - we don't want to take all of the paint off again
Just to create a shadow and define those little creases and wrinkles. Heat set when happy! Now for the lips....
I'm using the pre-mixed Strawberry lip colour here. Heat Set. Then eyebrows- the colour I'm using is Burnt Umber toned down with a tiny amount of Flesh 08 and a small blob of Genesis Thick Medium for a 3 D effect. Mix together well!
a steady hand and your finest brush is required! Heat Set. Our head is now ready for rooting :o)


Hair has been rooted (but not styled as yet) and I have moistened the eyes, nostrils & lips with Aleenes paper glaze (baby tears) Arms and Legs are painted in the same way - nail plates are painted using a very fine brush and a tiny amount of pre-mixed strawberry lip paint (very sparingly) for tips of nails small amounts of Flesh 08 and a tiny addition of Titanium white, mix well and use a very fine brush - when happy Heat Set and finish with a light covering of Genesis Glazing Gel for a nice sheen- Heat Set!

Little Millie (Missy) dressed and ready to greet the world!


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